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Density-Herrinbone Coating-Sling Bag No. 01357-HC

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The main body material uses a dough made with a special PVC coating in the middle meats of the hemp.Cotton has a distinctive and strong, strong flavor unique to the NC, using colm yarn, which is considered to be the upper quality of cotton.After PVC coating is applied on the surface, it is difficult to change the color of the two layers of the PU coating to alleviate the friction and to reduce the friction with the color of the damage.We use a suede with a velvet-like velvet-like velvet on the back of the cowlaser.
Size W200 H410 D100 (mm)
Weight About 520g

NC Herringbone (70% nylon/30% cotton) PVC coating oiled cow leather/cow leather suede


The main body material may discolor with PVC characteristic pills and solvents and transition sublimation. As for the attached suede, please take care that the color of the hair color is easy to remove color and wet to the rain, it may cause color shift, color irritation, and clothes.