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Density Briefcase No.01356

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Master-piece's Density series uses elegant materials and leather in a casual style.
Material with a tasteful texture and elegant accessory decoration. This briefcase is designed and designed to carry work tools functionally and practically.

・The main storage is equipped with a bottle holder that can hold water bottles and plastic bottles.
・Large opening main storage
- Comes with a removable shoulder strap.
・Hook that keeps the handles together
・Pocket at the bottom of the back that can store a folding umbrella
・Sticks on the bottom
Size W410 H290 D90 mm
Weight About 960 grams

High density nylon twill oiled cow leather cow leather suede


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The inside of the portion of the body of the mammoth is open to the opening and closing.

They are equipped with fastener pockets and bottler holders.The other side is equipped with a lot of storage, such as large hoarket, fastener hodding, hassenne, etc.

You can also use it as a shoulder bag by attaching the included belt.

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There is also a zippered pocket on the front, making it convenient for storing small items that are frequently taken in and out.

There is a pocket at the bottom of the back side that can store a folding umbrella.

The bottom is rim-tacked.