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HUNTER Sling Bag

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The main body material uses the Cordura® Brand Fabric standards of 500D × Yoko 840D 66 nylon yarns, with strength to friction, tearing, trifting, etc., and And MSPC Product original fabric, MSPC Product original fabric with a tricot nylon, MSTERTEX nylon. After applying PU coating, laminating the moisture-permeable waterproofing Film L-VENT® has a waterproofing function of high water repellent and water resistant pressure by 20,000 mm. The bottom fabric usually uses approximately 5 times wear, tear strength and durability of Nylon, and using 1680D Cordura Valistec® nylon, and improves further strength and waterproof by processing the back side by applying PVC I am doing it. The accessory leather is processed, so it is a leather that has a strong characteristic in water, as it includes waterproofing agents when staining. Series common buckles are MSPC Product originals based on what was used in the low tecout door bag. A series of outdoor tests combining original fabrics and parts and water repellent leather.
Size W250 H460 D130mm
Weight About 1090g

MasterteX-04 (Cordura® 500D × 840D Fabric 66 Nylon 100% Nylon 100% Auditable waterproof film L-vent® lamination processing) / Cordura Ballistic® Fabric 1680D Nylon (PVC coating) / Jes standard certification Eco Nome Sereser


If the nylon material of the main unit is left for a long time while wet, the film on the back will be peeled off or it will cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that it is not completely waterproof, so it cannot be prevented from entering water from the zipper or sewing part, such as a needle hole. The attached leather has some color blurring. Please note that the color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material. Although it is waterproof, it is inevitable to flood from the border between sewing and parts.


Main storage can be accessed from either left or right.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

There is also a zipper pocket at the top.

There is also a pocket on the side.

You can fix your body and bags with a cross strap when riding or exercising.

The buckle common to the series is a master-piece original based on what was used in low-tech outdoor bags.

The shoulder strap can be replaced so that both the left and right shoulders can be lowered.

There is a CORDURA name on the back.

MASTER-PIECE The original hook crown is attached.